Impact on a Stiffener for Lower B-Pillar

Impact on a Stiffener for Lower B-Pillar

L&L Products is a provider of individual and innovative engineering solutions to the automotive industry and is known for superior engineering through the use of state-of-the-art simulation methods in the product development chain. However, they faced the challenges in moving towards greener technology by replacing classical metal design with composite structures. The purpose of transitioning was to utilize the outstanding performance of composite materials. However, this presented difficulties, mainly with predicting the injection molding process and achieving a high-quality prediction of the impact on a short fiber reinforced stiffener beam.  


  • • Strain rate dependent micromechanical material model for AKULON K224 HG7 supplied by DSM
  • • Mapping of MOLDFLOW fiber orientations onto the structural mesh
  • • Solution of a nonlinear multi-scale analysis with DIGIMAT coupled to RADIOSS


At the end of the experiment, L&L Products got excellent correlation on the force-displacement curve and the failure location compared to experiment. Based on advanced DIGIMAT CAE technology, L&L Products also got a drastic improvement of prediction enables robust and lightweight design focusing on cost efficiency.

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