Nonlinear Analysis – Simulation of Under Water Explosion


Question: How do you analyze a structure subjected to under water loading?

Answer:You use explicit nonlinear analysis and simulate the event as detailed in this paper Simulation of Under Water Explosion using Dytran. The paper was orginally authored by Peiran Ding and Arjaan Bujik. I’ve included the abstract below.


This paper describes the numerical simulation of a cylinder submerged under water subjected to explosion using Dytran. The cylinder is modeled using a Lagrangian mesh. Multiple Euler domains are used to the air inside the cylinder, the surrounding air, water and the explosive. Since the model includes air, water and explosive, a multimaterial Euler solver is required. A fast general coupling is used to simulate the interaction between the Lagrangian mesh and Euler mesh. When by the impact of the shock wave and subsequent gas bubble, the cylindrical structure deforms, fails and water flow into the cylinder.

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  • Lacus
    August 11, 2013

    Do you have the origin .dat and .bdf file of this example from Doctor Ding?

  • Christian Aparicio
    August 19, 2013


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