Industry Applications of NEVF with Dr. Neil Bishop

Industry Applications of NEVF with Dr. Neil Bishop

Dr. Neil Bishop of CAEfatigue Limited, one of the most renowned experts in Fatigue Dynamics and FEA, partnered with the MSC Nastran team to create a more dynamic and integrated solution after experiencing the many limitations of fatigue simulation. Thus, Nastran Embedded Vibration Fatigue (NEVF) was born. NEVF is more accessible, easy-to-use, and flexible in its implementation with its user-friendly interface. NEVF is truly embedded into MSC Nastran.

MSC Nastran provides users with stress information, while sequentially using the same information in NEVF to provide additional information on the fatigue life, durability, and maximum peak results within the same interface.

Any analyst or mechanical engineer working with dynamic systems will truly benefit from NEVF by overcoming the time consuming and cumbersome constraints of running a time-domain analysis.

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