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Question: Where can I find Patran tutorials for students?

Answer: You can find 30 Patran tutotrials on our YouTube channel. Here is a list. Tutorials 6-30 are referenced from page 305 of this document Patran 2012.2 Reference Manual Part 6: Results Post Processing.

  1. Installation of the Student Edition
  2. Patran Home Tab Tools Overview
  3. Bending Stresses in a Loaded Beam
  4. Bending Stresses, Displacements and Free Body Diagram of a Frame
  5. Total Response of an Undamped System
  6. Linear Statics, Rigid Frame Analysis
  7. Linear Statics, Cross-Ply Composite Plate Analysis
  8. Linear Statics, Principal Stress and Stress Transformation
  9. Linear Statics, Plane Strain with 2D Solids
  10. Linear Statics, 2D Shells in Spherical Coordinates
  11. Linear Statics, 2D Axisymmetric Solids
  12. Linear Statics, 3D Solids and Cylindrical Coordinate Frames
  13. Linear Statics, Pinned Truss Analysis
  14. Nonlinear Statics, Large Deflection Effects
  15. Linear Statics, Thermal Stress with Solids
  16. Superposition of Linear Static Results
  17. Normal Modes, Point Masses and Linear Springs
  18. Normal Modes, Shells and Cylindrical Coordinates
  19. Normal Modes, Pshells and Cylindrical Coordinates
  20. Buckling, shells and Cylindrical Coordinates
  21. Buckling, Flat Plates
  22. Direct Transient Response, Solids and Cylindrical Coordinates
  23. Modal Transient Response with Guyan Reduction and Bars, Springs, Concentrated Masses and Rigid Body Elements
  24. Direct Nonlinear Transient, Stress Wave Propagation with 1D Elements
  25. Direct Frequency Response, Eccentric Rotating Mass with Variable Damping
  26. Modal Frequency Response, Enforced Base Motion with Modal Damping and Rigid Body Elements
  27. Complex Modes, Direct Method
  28. Transient Heat Transfer with Phase Change
  29. Steady State Heat Transfer, 1D Conduction and Convection
  30. Freebody Loads, Pinned Truss Analysis

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