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I recently came upon a case study detailing Polestar Racing’s use of Adams. Seeing that I enjoy understanding the technical details behind motorsports, especially Formula 1, I had to read this from beginning to end.

I won’t go too much into detail since I don’t want to spoil a good read, but I will mention one of my favorite parts. When the Swedish Touring Car Championship introduced new tires to be used by all the racing teams, this caused a mad scramble by all the racing teams to understand every aspect of the new tires. Polestar Racing cleverly used Adams/Tire to find optimal vehicle configurations. Simply said, their driver will have a lot of fun driving a vehicle that can better hang on to the track on race day.

The entire read can be found here

Also,  you can find Polestar Racing in action on August 18 when they take on Karlskoga.

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