SimAcademy – Linear Buckling | MSC Nastran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about linear buckling in MSC Nastran?

Answer: You can watch this SimAcademy webinar MSC Nastran Linear Buckling.

Here is a preview of the SimAcademy Webinar.

Details of the webinar

In addition to being a general purpose FEA code, MSC Nastran has been used extensively for performing dynamic analysis and buckling analysis since its inception in 1963. Buckling is an instability that causes failure before the material yields. 

The following presentation covers: 

  • The Physics and Mathematics of Linear Buckling
  • Case Study about Element Choices and Follower Force Effect on Thin Ring Buckling
  • Buckling of Plates under Compression
  • Buckling of Plates under Shear Force
  • Inputs of Buckling Analysis for MSC Nastran/Patran

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