SimAcademy – Residual Vectors in Modal Solutions | MSC Nastran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about residual vectors in modal solutions?

Answer: You can watch this SimAcademy webinar Use of Residual Vectors in Modal Solutions.

Here is a preview of the SimAcademy Webinar.

Details of the webinar

MSC Nastran has been a primary tool for performing dynamic analysis since originating in 1972. When performing a modal transient or modal frequency response analysis, the truncation of the normal modes can influence the dynamic results. This is a common aspect of performing modal dynamic solutions, and pretty well understood.

However, the modal truncation can also impact quasi-static response in the structure. This effect has been mitigated in the past using modal acceleration techniques. For the past decade, MSC has offered residual vectors as a replacement for the modal acceleration method.

  • The items to be presented:
  • Concept of Modal Approach
  • Description of the Residual Vector Method
  • Case Study to demonstrate the process

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