SimAcademy – Thermal Analysis | MSC Nastran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about thermal analysis in MSC Nastran?

Answer: You can watch this SimAcademy webinar Advanced Thermal Analysis in MSC Nastran using SOL 400.

Here is a preview of the SimAcademy Webinar.

Details of the webinar

MSC Nastran is the most widely used, and commonly recognized as the most trusted Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Solver. It excels in Dynamics, Structural, Thermal, Composites, Aeroelasticity and Optimization analysis. MSC Nastran 2012 has added features of multi-discipline analysis where various analyses can be coupled or chained.

This webinar will discuss thermal advancements in MSC Nastran thermal and interaction of thermal and structural analysis.

Following Items will be covered in a 'presentation plus a demo' format:

  • Mapping of Thermal Results to Structural Analysis (Dissimilar Mesh) – Demo
  • Thermal – Structural Coupled Analysis
  • Solid Shell (Temperature Gradient through Shells)
  • Radiation – Hemicube Method
  • Thermal Contact
  • Analysis Chaining

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