Solving the Most Complex Engineering Problems With Marc- An Interview with Dr. Ted Wertheimer


"Marc was founded by Dr. (Professor) Pedro Marcal, which is where it got the name MARC (Marc Analysis Research Corporation). The initial ideas at Marc were to solve the most complex nonlinear engineering problems using this method. Of course, one must remember that computer power was a fraction of what we have today. What ties all of these together is that safety is a critical requirement for engineering. My major contribution was the introduction of contact into Marc. Contact existed prior in Marc, called Gap elements, but was difficult to use and could not be applied to problems where large sliding was present. Such problems occur in manufacturing, assembly, and automotive crash- to name a few. 

My second contribution was on coupled thermal-mechanical analysis, which again was important for manufacturing simulations, but has expanded in many directions since. Multi-physics analysis is now employed in many industries to capture such behavior as welding, electrical heating in car window defrosters, induction heating, additive manufacturing, pyrolysis in rockets, and many fluid-solid applications. The number one thing that people appreciate is that the solutions provided are 100% trustworthy, whether it is for predicting a metallic structure or not. The program converges to the right answer. Marc is known to solve the most complex engineering problems.

"The program converges to the right answer. Marc is known to solve the most complex engineering problems."

The confidence one obtains by performing a nonlinear analysis with Marc allows users to validate their designs with simulation, instead of costly initial trial and error prototypes during the product development cycle. This will clearly reduce the costs and allow products to come to market sooner."

Learn how non-linear simulation solutions can enhance your designs!

  • Multi-physics analysis
  • Assembly
  • Thermal-mechanical analysis

See how Marc can help improve your non-linear designs!


  • Bob
    February 28, 2017

    Dear Dr. Wertheimer,
    Please let me know why should I invest in MSC.Marc instead of Abaqus?
    Any good points where MSC.Marc is better?

  • Product Marketing
    March 8, 2017

    Thank you for a great question! Ted would be happy to personally respond to you and learn about the specific problems you’re trying to solve. Please feel free to contact him directly at: Generally speaking, Marc’s global adaptive meshing is the best in business. Marc’s contact capability is much better, as well. Methods based on explicit dynamics, are fundamentally incorrect for static behaviors – computational times will become very large or incorrect results are obtained. Please email Ted directly for more detailed discussion!

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