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Acoustic Simulation for the Aeronautical Industry

  Acoustic Simulation For the Aeronautical Industry   With the expansion of air travel around the world, competition between airlines has become much tougher. Airplane companies are under constant pressure from governments around the world to reduce noise and from consumers to reduce the cost of air travel. For many companies, noise is a chronic ...

Acoustic Simulation for Spacecraft Launch

Launching a rocket into the sky is not an easy thing. There are several thousands of unimaginably complex engineering processes occurring in the background, the competition is getting tougher every day, and companies frequently only have one chance to get the launch sequence right. So what is hindering efforts to launch more powerful rockets in ...

Modeling a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics

Biomedical Engineers are looking for a better way to simulate Biomechanics Simulation.  LeTourneau University turns to MD Adams to simulate a subject specific Knee model using rigid body dynamics.  The result from this research shows that the contact force on the Medial and Lateral Condyles showed similar trends between the MD Adams model and FEA ...

MSC Patran Helps the Hospital for Special Surgery Examine Coonrad-Morrey Elbow Replacements

Are you a Biomedical Engineer that is looking for a cheaper faster way to test bio-compatible materials?  Well, Hospital for Special Surgery examined Coonrad-Morrey ulnar components and used MSC Patran for finite element (FE) analysis to determine the loads required to recreate the observed ulnar bushing deformation.   MSC Patran Helps the Hospital for Special ...

Webinar: Virtual Prototyping for Aerospace Durability Requirements

What if Michael Jordan offered you a lesson on shooting a jump shot? What if Muhammad Ali told you he wanted to teach you how to jab? What if Einstein offered you a lesson in relativity? Would you take it?  We here at MSC Software are very excited to have a special guest join us ...

Trust Simulation

Professor Steve Tsai The following is excerpted from a recent and compelling conversation between engineers at MSC Software (MSC) and Stanford University Professor Research Emeritus Stephen (Steve) Tsai regarding the work of his international Composites Design Group.  Steve has been associated with composite materials for approximately 40 years -- through his work in developing a nontrivial ...
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