Aerospace Supplier DEMA Drives Costs Down with MSC Nastran Nonlinear



Design Manufacturing SpA (DEMA) is a tier-one aerospace supplier based in Naples, Italy, and produces a wide range of aerostructures including aircraft fuselage sections, floor panels, cockpits, tailcones, fan cowls, ramps, cargo doors, slide boxes, horizaontal stabilizers, helicopters fuselage and helicopter tails booms.

DEMA recently used the nonlinear capabilities in MSC Nastran to gain a level of insight into their stamping operations comparable to numerous physical prototype tests, but at a significant fraction of the cost. According to Danilo Malacaria, Structural Engineer Manager for DEMA, “Finite element analysis saved us a considerable amount of money and time by helping to identify and correct these problems before we made a major investment in tooling,”


Additional details of DEMA’s use of MSC Nastran Nonlinear may be found at this link.

Information about MSC Nastran’s nonlinear capabilities can be found at or on YouTube, where a total of 3.5 hours of presentations in HD have been posted.


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