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Understanding Automotive Engine Noise

One of the most significant pressures on car manufacturers today is sound quality. There are many factors that engineers must consider when analyzing the sound emitted by a car. Aside from being a marketing tool, there are now government regulations on sound. New developing technologies including hands-free mobile and speech recognition require the clear voice …


Automotive Noise Optimization with Simulation Software

Using Simulation Software to Predict Automotive NVH   One of the most pressing challenges for today’s automotive manufacturers is to make lighter cars. A lighter car will maintain a lower level of gas consumption and thus is more eco-friendly. To achieve this goal, many companies switched from aluminum to composite materials and put smaller engines …


Acoustic Simulation Helps Reduce Time to Qualify for New Noise Standard from 1 Year to 3 Months

Noise is a big problem in commercial and agricultural vehicles all around the world. While it is important for drivers to hear the sound of an engine, noise that is too loud can be uncomfortable. Government regulations on commercial and agricultural vehicles are heavy and also change from one country to another. For example, while …


Introduction to Aero-Acoustic Analysis | Actran [Video]

Question: Where can I learn more about Aero-Acoustic analysis? Answer: You can watch an introduction into the subject in the video below. It details how to use Actran for this type of analysis. Details of this webinar Control of aero-acoustic noise, generated by turbulent flows, is becoming an increasingly important design consideration with customer expectations of …

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