Introduction to Aero-Acoustic Analysis | Actran [Video]


Question: Where can I learn more about Aero-Acoustic analysis?

Answer: You can watch an introduction into the subject in the video below. It details how to use Actran for this type of analysis.

Details of this webinar

Control of aero-acoustic noise, generated by turbulent flows, is becoming an increasingly important design consideration with customer expectations of better acoustic performance of products. Examples include, noise generated by an air-conditioning system, by the side mirror or A-pillar of a car, by the landing gear of an aircraft, by the rotating fan in a projector and even by the propeller of a cruiser (hydro-acoustic).

For such aero-acoustic applications, Actran uses acoustic analogy methods to retrieve aerodynamic noise sources from unsteady flow simulations performed with major commercial CFD solvers. Actran's finite element scheme is well adapted to capture precisely and propagate accurately the CFD sources. The aero-acoustic sources can furthermore be coupled with an Actran vibro-acoustic analysis to realize an aero-vibro-acoustic simulation. A typical application is the car side window noise, where the turbulent noise besides the car window propagates through the window structure into the car compartment.

This webinar will provide: 1) an overview of the acoustic analogy methods implemented in Actran, 2) case studies of aero-acoustic simulations from different industries, 3) a short live demo of solving HVAC duct noise in Actran's GUI

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