Advancements in Orthopedic Composite Material Modeling & Virtual Testing | Digimat [Video]


Question: Where can I learn about advancements made in orthopedic composite material modeling and virtual testing?

Answer: We recently held a webinar going over this topic. You can watch our presentation below.

Details of the webinar

Composite materials are becoming important in the innovation of orthopedic joint replacement/and prosthesis. The materials can provide better wear rates, increased flexibility, and more comfortable implantable devices that last longer in patients. As medical device engineers begin evaluating composite materials for the design of implants including spine, knee, hip, and shoulder, more unknowns about their properties arise as does the need to find simulation technology to properly test and evaluate the materials during the design process.

This webinar will provide examples of how medical device engineers can better characterize new composite materials and their properties, as well as accurately simulate their behavior and fatigue in the context of implantable designs.

Medicrea, a spinal implant manufacturer, will present a use case where short fiber reinforced PEEK composite material was used in a new design and how the simulations helped them optimize and evaluate more options.

Watch this webinar to learn about …

  • Methods for characterizing composite material performance with virtual tests
  • Techniques for accurately modeling composite materials in the design process
  • Application use case on a spinal implant design

Who Should Watch?

  • Material engineers
  • Structural engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Orthopedic device manufacturers
  • Prosthetic device manufacturers

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