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Simulating the effect of extreme conditions on athletes’ performance

What’s the biggest challenge facing high performance athletes this year at the Tokyo games? For many, the greatest hurdle will be the record heat and humidity levels. We used computer modelling to understand and predict the situation. The temperature in Tokyo this summer has already reached 31°C or 87.8°F and may go higher. It’s a …


Smart Manufacturing at HxGN LIVE Design & Engineering

The global COVID-19 pandemic over the last year has seen a major disruption to our global economy hitting nearly every country and industry sector hard. What is clear, however, as we emerge from it is that companies are being confronted by the need to digitally transform their manufacturing operations and deal with sustainability concerns across …


The emergence of artificial intelligence in CAE simulation

The convergence of mechatronic and system-based engineering with advances in data management, artificial intelligence (AI), machine-learning (ML) and increasingly connected manufacturing is challenging traditional industrial product development and manufacturing processes. Used well, these technologies offer new opportunities for rapid innovation and increased productivity. Computer-aided engineering (CAE) has been in existence for over half a century …


Turbocharging CFD with Katana

In the natural world fluids act in harmony with structures, fluids with acoustics, fluids with multibody dynamics, fluids with magnetics, fluids with electrics, and all in a myriad of complex, interactive and very complicated ways. Numerical approximations such as Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) have to grapple with these phenomena; frequently with simplistic empirical models to …


You can save the planet with design & engineering simulation

Manufacturing processes today span everything from aerospace to automotive, energy generation to oil & gas, and electronics to shipbuilding. Yet, all these contribute to emissions and environmental pollution as well as intensive use of our world’s precious energy and water resources. With a burgeoning human population on planet Earth, limited natural resources, and endangered species …


VTD is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Just occasionally something happens that intersects with the real engineering world I inhabit and the domestic world of my home life…. Recently, some autonomous vehicle simulation colleagues and I got into a deep discussion about whether MSC Software’s VTD (Virtual Test Drive) ADAS/AD simulation toolset can simulate realistically poor daylight on a murky day, complex …

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