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Choosing the Right Finite Element | MSC Nastran

MSC Nastran contains a large library of structural elements. In many situations several elements are capable of modeling the same structural effects. The criteria for the selection of an element may include its capabilities (for example, whether it supports anisotropic material properties), its cost (in general, the more DOF an element has, the more expensive …


Automating FEA Model Quality Check and Validation | MSC Nastran

Question: How can I automate my FEA model check and validation? Answer: Most companies know that Finite Element Analysis (FEA) can be a very powerful and beneficial tool to support their product development process. In addition, most of these companies know that it can be a dangerous tool if not used properly. Any successful strategy that …


Making Meshing Easier with Permanent Glued Contact | MSC Nastran

Relevant engineering software: MSC Nastran Challenge: To further analysis of finite element models, there are times when a mesh must be refined or modified in some way. Refining a mesh requires a large amount of time: Defining mesh transitions Aligning nodes so they are coincident Splitting elements Creating separate and detailed analysis models Note the …

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