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Fatigue Analysis – 3 things to know about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue

Time for faster fatigue analysis, join us in California in July or contact us to learn more about NEF.  MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF) offers a significantly improved way of fatigue analysis. When the traditional method and NEF were used to perform a fatigue analysis on this example, there were 3 significant benefits gained from using NEF for fatigue analysis. 96,793 nodes, 580,758 …


Highlights from the 2013 MSC Software Users Conference

Last week 370 of the best minds in engineering came together to celebrate MSC Software's 50th Anniversary. The conference was especially important as it marked the Beginning of a New Era for MSC as continued leaders in the CAE industry. Thank you to all the attendees, partners, and presenters who came to join us! In …


Fatigue Based Optimization – MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Case Study – Shock Tower

Sign Up For A Free MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Seminar It is currently a great challenge performing fatigue analysis on FE models of moderate size, say 1-2 million DOF or more.  Utilizing the new MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF), engineers will be able to unite fatigue life calculations and SOL200, Design Optimization and Sensistitivy Analysis, and may use MSC Nastran to …


Fatigue Analysis – Top Fatigue Analysis References

Learn about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Question: What are some top fatigue analysis references? Answer: After posing the question to engineers on Linkedin, here is a list of recommended references. Title Author Url ANALYSIS AND SUPPORT INITIATIVE FOR STRUCTURAL TECHNOLOGY Pegg C. Miedlar, Alan P. Berens, Allan Gudnerson, and J.P. Gallagher Link Fatigue & Durability of Metals at …


Learn from the Experts: The Future of Modeling in Composite Materials and Structures

QUESTION: Is there a way I can learn more about composites directly from the experts? ANSWER: Yes, MSC Software is hosting a Materials Forum at our MSC Software Users Conference on May 8 from 8:00-10:00 am. I have outlined the schedule of the forum, as well as more information on the experts presenting. Materials Forum …


Fatigue Analysis – Manually Moving 200 Gigs of Stress Files

Learn about MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue It’s not fun for sure, but there is a great alternative. Traditionally, a fatigue analysis involves moving stress results from an FEA program to a fatigue program. You could be: Copying and pasting large, perhaps 200Gb in size, intermediate files from folder to folder and program to program Or …

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