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Multibody Dynamics – Acoustics Integration

Even though multibody dynamics and structural dynamics are strongly coupled, acoustic radiation usually must be done in a different environment and the data must be converted to it. While converting the data by itself consumes time and requires manual work, engineers that deal with design production are usually not acoustic specialists. Hence, manual data transfer …


Use of Multidiscipline Solutions to Improve Automotive Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Simulation software is being used extensively around the world due to their accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Instead of using different simulation tools for every different type of testing process, engineers can use multidiscipline tools to better improve NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). MD solution tools can be used for many different areas of testing, including:  Analysis of …


Reducing Automotive Engine Noise with Multidiscipline Simulation

While companies can solve automotive engine noise problems by using engine mounts to stop vibration and the firewall to stop airborne noise, these solutions are not sustainable if one wishes to maintain quality. Therefore, car manufacturers taking advantage of finite element analysis (FEA) software to better understand noise and vibration. FEA can be used to …


Identifying and addressing vibration issues early in the design process

A universal problem when optimizing noise and vibration is that it often conflicts with durability or cost. Multi-body dynamics helps balance these competing requirements early in the design process by addressing key vibration issues facing engineers, such as “will excitations in one part of the systems interaction with another part of the system?” MBD makes …


Accurately predicting load with MBD

At present, most companies use simple hand calculations or results from previous designs to predict loads. Neither of these methods is very accurate. Even small errors in calculating loads create large errors in stress results and very large errors in fatigue life predictions. Accurate loads can be determined by building and testing physical prototypes, but …


Accurately simulating a four-legged walking robot with Adams

Search and rescue operations are extremely dangerous, where even trained men and women face a high risk of injury or death in their effort to save lives. One solution in the face of disasters caused by fires, earthquakes and the like, is designing robots that can reach areas too dangerous for humans. While there are …

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