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Accurately predicting load with MBD

At present, most companies use simple hand calculations or results from previous designs to predict loads. Neither of these methods is very accurate. Even small errors in calculating loads create large errors in stress results and very large errors in fatigue life predictions. Accurate loads can be determined by building and testing physical prototypes, but …


Accurately simulating a four-legged walking robot with Adams

Search and rescue operations are extremely dangerous, where even trained men and women face a high risk of injury or death in their effort to save lives. One solution in the face of disasters caused by fires, earthquakes and the like, is designing robots that can reach areas too dangerous for humans. While there are …


New Trailer Suspension Designs Tested in Hours Compared to Days or Weeks

Overview The primary function of heavy duty trailer suspensions is to link the trailer to its wheels. This provides a compliant connection which protects the trailer cargo from the shock and vibration inputs developed at the road surface. In addition, the suspension must meet the customers’ expectations for usable life, and do so while being …


Adams dramatically reduces time to design child safety latch at Kiekert

Car doors are immensely complex systems that serve an immensely important function – safety. The child latch is an additional safety measure, one of many functions a side door latch performs. The child safety lock temporarily disables the operation of the inside door handle. When it is engaged, the rear doors can only be opened …


Computer based modeling and analysis plays a pivotal role in the packaging industry as it seeks to differentiate and deliver unique value to its customers

Simulation and analysis, or Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), enables engineers and organizations to analyze and explore new packaging processes and methods in a virtual environment, reducing the time and cost requirements associated with physical and experimental testing. For over 40 years, product manufacturers in transportation industries have relied on computer simulations as a means to …


System Level Dynamic Simulation for Machinery Designers – Join our Hands-on Training to Learn More

Join us in Chicago, IL (May 14) or Boston, MA (May 21) for a free hands-on workshop on Adams/Machinery. More information can be found here >> The original article was written by Evan Yares, Senior Editor & Analyst, Software & Published on Design World Online Adams/Machinery makes analyst-level simulation practical for the rest of …

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