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Generative design habit 4: Design for costing

Costing is one of the most important factors when it comes to designing parts. Most costs within production and operation are defined in the product development phase, requiring a dedicated design and analysis. Therefore the design tool should be able to check for material usage, support structure volume, build orientation related production costs and stacking …


Generative design habit 3: Design for productivity

Product complexity is forever increasing, while time-to-market is continuously decreasing. This puts greater pressure on achieving complete designs ever faster. Generative Design can be a game changer at this point. Built for more efficiency in product development, it alters the way we operate, and supports designers to increase their performance. For engineers, MSC Apex Generate …


Generative design habit 2: Design for usability

The 7 habits of highly effective Generative Design A distinctive difference to the classic topology approach is that Generative Design is highly user focused. It is designed from the user’s perspective, taking into account where unnecessary manual work is required and how this can be automated. For example, with MSC Apex Generative Design the time-consuming …


Generative design habit 1: Design for exploration

The 7 habits of highly effective Generative Design For classic topology optimization, even an experienced simulation engineer often needed several weeks to generate one single design that was promising. And it was usually chosen because it’s just too-time consuming to create and test more designs. The high manual work for that one optimization significantly limits …


The summer issue of Engineering Reality Magazine is here

Towards integrated computational materials engineering By Roger Assaker, CEO MSC Software As many of you may know, Paolo Guglielmini was promoted to be President of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence in February, the larger division that MSC Software is a part of inside Hexagon AB. And it my pleasure to take over Paolo’s role inside MSC Software …


Series on Generative Design – What is Generative Design?

Generative Design at a Glance Part geometries optimized for their requirements are of high interest in product design. Historically, while this could be achieved after several weeks of work with topology optimization, nowadays Generative Design, which is a more versatile tool, offers powerful features for optimization in a much shorter time-frame. This is driven by …